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Ransburg No 2 Process Hand Gun

Q. What equipment do you use?

We use the Ransburg No. 2 Process Hand Gun.  Pure Electrostatic Rotary Atomisation.  Highest transfer technology.  Almost no overspray.  The Ransburg No. 2 gun is the only choice for onsite finishing as it offers a superb wrap around and an incredible transfer efficiency between 95% and 98%.

Q. How does electrostatic painting work?

Electrostatic painting uses specific tools to paint a metal object using the attraction of oppositely charged electrostatic fields.

Specially formulated paint is mixed with a chemical catalyst and polar solvents are required to give it a positive charge.  Grounding of the metal object is necessary.

The paint and the metal object are now oppositely charged – the paint is positive, the object is negative.

When positively charged paint is sprayed towards negatively charged metal, the paint is attracted to the metal as if it is a magnet. This attraction is so strong that if an object (e.g. a metal rail) is sprayed only from one side, the charge attracts the paint to the article, resulting in good wrap around covering the entire metal surface, depending on the diameter of work piece.

Masking of adjacent items is usually minimal. It is in fact the cleanest method of spray application for onsite work.  It reduces the amount of paint used, saving money.

Q. What colours can I choose?

All Colorbond colours and major powder coating manufacturers colours can be offered, in matt, satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish.

Fandeck of colours

Fandeck of colours

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